Yvonne Heavyside BA (Hons), RN, HV Dip, DN Cert, IBCLC, Further Education Teachers Certificate, NSC Trainer

Yvonne is from the UK and founded The Family Zone to provide personal-touch and professional services to her clients. She is a Health Visitor (maternal & child health specialist), UK Registered General Nurse, Community Nurse, a Hong Kong registered nurse, Lactation Consultant, Further Education Teacher and First Aid & CPR Instructor. She has over 30 years experience working in many different districts in the UK and 18 years in Hong Kong including work with the Matilda International Hospital. During her time in Hong Kong, Yvonne has also been involved in Child & Maternal Health journalism. Alongside this wealth of experience, she is also a mother of three children and a grandmother.

Ellen Cheung MSc Hons & BSc Hons (Nursing), Dip in Midwifery, IBCLC, Qualified Trainer on breastfeeding counselling and skill, Exec Member, HK Midwives Assoc

Ellen is from Hong Kong. She is a Hong Kong registered Midwife and Nurse and has worked at Queen Mary Hospital for more than 10 years to provide a full range of services to pregnant women including antenatal, labour and postnatal.

Ellen has a strong passion for supporting pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Following the birth of her first child, she qualified as an IBCLC in 2013, believing her own experiences could help mothers to achieve breastfeeding success.  Ellen has also become a qualified trainer on breastfeeding counselling and skill as granted by Hong Kong Hospital Authority; this has consolidated her skill not only in supporting mothers, but also among all professionals.

Gemma Fisk Certified Infant Sleep Consultant (The Sleep Nanny Academy – CPD Accredited)

Gemma works with children aged from newborn to 6 years old. She believes firmly in a holistic and gentle approach to help our children to sleep better through plenty of love, comfort and reassurance. Having experienced sleep deprivation herself as a mother, Gemma works with families with a lot of empathy.

Gemma describes helping and supporting families through such precious moments in their lives as a privilege and a huge passion of hers. She hopes to succeed in helping families understand that sleep does not need to be a ‘dreaded nightly battle’ but rather that it is the best gift we can give to ourselves as exhausted parents as well as to our children.

The Family Zone also has a wide range of affiliations that we can draw on to support your needs. These include:

- Gynaecologists -
- Paediatricians -
- General Practitioners -
- Midwives -

All our staff and associates are knowledgeable and expert in this crucial period of a woman’s life and that of her baby.

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